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 A few pictures around the farm:

roundpen mare stall 12_24 box stall 12_12
Covered Round Pen 12×24 Stalls 12×12 Stalls
sunset  entrance ring
Sunset over the arena Welcome! Mounting Block!

Working With Your Horse

Flo at Flintridge

Keenridge Farm’s Flo

I love horses. It’s as simple as that. My training methods ensure that the horses I’m working with are happy, healthy and thriving. I have an intimate knowledge of the training scale, having worked with horses from green to FEI. Take a look at my Accomplishments page for proof that the methods work!

The wonderful thing about southern California is that show season lasts pretty much all year.  That can also be a burden if you’re not prepared.  Moving your horse up the levels can cause periods of confusion in your horse.  It’s a natural part of the training process, but it can wreak havoc in the show ring if you don’t plan for it.  If you’re in the Los Angeles area of southern California, STC Dressage can help!  Contact us and I can set up a training program for you and your horse to get you where you want to be.

I also have a deep appreciation for bringing young horses along correctly and setting them up with a solid foundation that they can build their training on in any discipline.  If you are a breeder who is looking for a better way to get your horses started, sold, or developed, I have extensive experience and success in this area.

In addition, my teaching aim is help riders build their own relationship with their horses, coaching them through the rough patches while encouraging and coaxing the best work out of both horse and rider.

Training, Clinics, Lessons

*Please note, all rates are subject to change at any time without notice*

Lessons: $75/45 Minute private lesson using wireless communication system.

2009 KFPS Keuring

Clinics: Clinic rates will vary depending on length, travel, and lodging arrangements.  I can arrange full-day, half-day, or other partial-day clinics, depending on the situation.  Just contact me and we’ll get something set up that fits your needs!

Handling at Breed shows/inspections: $50 per horse, per class.

Braiding fee: $45 per horse, per occurrence.

Commission on horses sold: 10% of sales price.  For full details and commission agreements, please contact us.

Full Board/Training: $1,550/month all-inclusive.  No extra charges for services, 5 days/week training.

Partial Training: $1,4000/month all-inclusive.  No extra charges for services, 3 days/week training.


Please contact Sean to arrange your program or for further details about our services.

Located at 9601 Los Angeles Avenue, Moorpark, California 93021: